Shoot-Out | Happy Milk Round 2

Just came out from a 2-day marathon with Happy Milk; “the brand” for “new moms” (check out their website @

Designed this work session to occur in 3 different parts:

  1. shoot clothing. clothes that save moms’ lives when they need  to breast-feed at any given awkward moment.
  2. shoot outdoors. co-owners with their kids – some photos that they can use, whenever they are asked to introduce themselves on media.
  3. shoot products. mainly gift boxes – highly promotional.

It is hard to realize  until you start shooting, that this sequence of photographic work actually requires using a very wide range of techniques. Example; gift boxes come with a very broad range of material inside (from mirrors, to reflective surfaces like bells or metallic photo frames – as well as smaller fun objects like a maracas, and of course, baby clothing). Anyone to try out this sequence of photo shooting; better be ready for different lighting setups well before the shooting starts.

I’ll begin sharing with the last part first. Here’s the output for the gift-box shooting session:

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