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This Sunday, we spent our early evening hours walking on the promenade in Istanbul (@ Caddebostan).

Very nice occasion to capture some urban life moments.

Energy around the game...

Energy around the game…

Your typical Sunday afternoon...

Your typical Sunday afternoon…


Then we turn our faces towards the sea – sun still not helpful to photographers, but at least it is not as wild either.

People embracing the last few days remaining from Summer...

People embracing the last few days remaining from Summer…


Having a special interest in capturing lifestyles, namely, people in their urban environment; I think there are many alternative themes you can use urban photography with.

Themes like;

  • architecture – hidden patterns on buildings, bridges, etc.
  • stairs
  • traffic (needless to say that Istanbul provides the best! possible occasion for shooting traffic scenes)
  • street portraits
  • urban landscapes (ie. groups of buildings, etc)
  • bird’s eye (find a place to climb up as much as you can, and shoot down)
  • numbers
  • deserted buildings
  • nightlife
  • street sports (ie. skaters, rollerbladers, etc)

I used my time to capture portraits and sunset this Sunday.

Bmped into this family (we see a lot less of those emotions nowadays)…

Dancing in the sun?light...freestyle

Dancing in the sun?light…freestyle

Aand finally, the sun settles itself behind the sea, and we increase our pace to catch the its timing. Is it my imagination, or is the sun really going down much faster in October compared to summer months?

Anyway, we managed to be on the dock just before it fades away, having the chance to shoot a few images:

The golden hour...

The golden hour…

Fisherman and his "sun" tweezers...

Fisherman and his “sun” tweezers…

 Last moments of the day, with light...

Last moments of the day, with light…


And after this shot, we wrapped-up to head back home and get something to eat.

Thanks for reading through.

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