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Fun project idea; just bring down your camera near your belly, keep your hand on the trigger while keeping it open, try to keep it at a high depth-of-field and relatively fast shutter speed, keep your eye on the subject so that even if you are being looked at your subject does not look at the camera but only your face; then just press the trigger. Sit down at a cafe and view the results till you get some good shots. Not all will be perfect, but some will at least be good enough to play around after your shooting is over. The rule is you only do this for fun, nothing to be ashamed of with the results… Shots here were taken at Istiklal Street, Istanbul, on March 2013.

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  • Urban Photos | Caddebostan, Istanbul
    Urban Photos | Caddebostan, Istanbul
  • Istanbul Beyoglu
    Istanbul Beyoglu
  • Mosque @ Eminönü, Istanbul, Turkey
    Mosque @ Eminönü, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Human Flood @ Tahtakale, Istanbul, Turkey
    Human Flood @ Tahtakale, Istanbul, Turkey

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