This Sunday, we spent our early evening hours walking on the promenade in Istanbul (@ Caddebostan). Very nice occasion to capture some urban life moments.   Then we turn our faces towards the sea – sun still not helpful to photographers, but at least it is not as wild either. [...]

I always thought of sending  more images into my stock portfolios on, and but never really found the time. Yesterday I thought it could be useful to try to use whatever material I have in the house. I used my Macro 100mm lens to shoot close-up photos of [...]

Just came out from a 2-day marathon with Happy Milk; “the brand” for “new moms” (check out their website @ Designed this work session to occur in 3 different parts: shoot clothing. clothes that save moms’ lives when they need  to breast-feed at any given awkward moment. shoot outdoors. co-owners [...]

  Date: 07.09.2012 Friday Place: Moda, Istanbul Equipment: Canon 400D with 18-55mm  EF-S kit lens and Canon 5DM2 with 100mm EF lens. Subject: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging Technique Ok. Since I am starting off with my first blog attempt, I thought it would be wise to try something “new” [...]